Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look Here

I found myself in the unlikely role of curator this Spring calling, emailing and otherwise contacting   artists living in Tacoma to launch an exhibition titled, "Look Here". It was a pop up event taking place in a temporary commercial space. The show is dedicated to Tacoma's visual artists, rich with painters and artists each with advanced degrees for the most part, who reside in the city and South Sound.  With planning, publicity and installation insync, the event came together on a beautiful spring evening. 

"Look Here", was a one night exhibition of Tacoma visual artists, featured works by Bill Colby, Karen Doten, Kristin Giordono, Victoria Johnson, Lisa Kinoshita, Lynn Di Nino, Janet Marcavage, Yuki Nakamura, Nicholas Nyland, Betty Sapp Ragan, William Turner, John Vlahovich, Emily Wood, Otto Youngers.

(Press Details) Visual artists, who live in Tacoma, demonstrate commitment in an urban environment so ready for commercial art gallery district. The public and collectors are invited to view this exhibition of artists in a temporary space, curated by artist Victoria Johnson, who quotes, "Artists are gentrifiers in Tacoma along with innumerable harbingers in a city poised for cultural tourism to booster private commerce." 

Jan Werner with Bill Turner in the background in the front gallery space

Lisa Kinoshita, artist, and gallerist with collector

Nicholas Nyland's sculpture 

Artist Bll Turner, Rick Semple with Jori Adkins

Sculptor Otto Youngers and friend