Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Interior Design of Gary Henderson

I received an invitation from designer Gary Henderson, and his long term partner in life turned business partner, Tony Fields, to join a small gathering in their Capitol Hill home.  Gary invited a few people from the design industry to welcome the return of his friend Jan Fisher who is visiting from Australia. Gary is a truly gifted designer. Everything he touches becomes elegant, restrained,  paired down, immaculate, tailored and detailed with materials sourced from things natural. He is one of the most generous people I know, whose dry wit will have you rolling with laughter in short order. I'm grateful for my special and longstanding friendship with both Gary and Tony.

From his website: Gary began his career working with internationally recognized trendsetter - interior designer Tonny Foy in his Fort Worth Studio.  He was greatly influenced by the frequent visitors to the Foy Studio including Benjamin Baldwin, Ward Bennett and Joe D'Urso.  This was followed by extensive corporate design work with the national interior design firms of Richmond Marsh Manoff and Griswold Heckell and Kelly.  Later relocating to Seattle, he joined Callison Architects. 

Facing East Restaurant, Bellevue, WA
 Interior Design - Henderson Kelly
Artwork - Victoria Johnson

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Otto Youngers at the Hartforth Gallery

The number of talented artists living and working in Washington State's south sound continue to astonish me. One artist I have a specific affinity now is the sculpture of Otto Youngers, who takes wood medium to a special place in an amazing way. His generative monsters seemingly from another world without a destructive bone in their bodies.

Otto Youngers will open a comprehensive show at the Hartforth Gallery in main Tacoma Public Library this Saturday. I'll be there!

Natural History of the Surreal

Sculpture by Otto Younger

August 10 through October 5, 2013

Artist's Reception: 2-4 p.m., Saturday, August 24, 2013

Otto Youngers is a champion of the "maximal", a force that reclaims storytelling, craftsmanship, and the material presence of art in the world of art where "more" really is "more".

Otto Youngers, Hartforth Gallery, Tacoma Public Library

Otto Youngers, Hartforth Gallery, Tacoma Public Library

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

100 Watt Smile - The Series

Moderismism's development in American design in the middle years of the 50's through the early 60's inspired this development in my studio. I'm captivated withfurniture designed for spaces then, intended to function as graphic design elements in the space of modern homes and offices. Creative, open and spatial living was cool, and everyone wanted it. Then ommerical print artists and directors shaped media with Look and LIFE Magazine a standard fixture on occassional tables and stands. I wanted live the sleek fashion and foppy hats worn by cognoscenti in these photographs lounging in perfect homes, drinking perfect ice tea and cocktails, always with party favors. However, it's the music of this period that shaped my childhood. More than anything, the spirit of this American phenomenon for myself and a great many others was music and the the birth of cool. Think spirals with flat lines paired with an cocktail party complete with bacon wrap-arounds, Lobster Newburg spread, deviled ham with cheese dip and Chex Mix.

Sunset in the Jade Sea
36"H x 24"W
Oil on Panel

Joy Delight
36" H X 24" W
Oil on Panel

100 Watt Smile
36" x 24" W
Oil on Panel

Monday, August 5, 2013

Capturing the essence....

Victoria Johnson
Sun Shades
26 1/2 H x 32 1/2 W

Saturday, August 3, 2013

In The Loop

A soft rain fell in the Northwest last night and this morning the sunshine is noticably absent. I love the sun this time of year and I often feel like a misfit lamenting the absence of sun in the dark months. Every year about this time, usually the last week of July into August we resign to rain reminicent of chilly winters. A remedy: light and color - blue, seafoarm green and orange, yellow, and white saturated with yellow pigment.

Victoria Johnson
In the Loop